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Organic Original Cacao Tea

Cacao tea is a fantastic loose leaf brew made from the shells of cacao beans. The flavour is reminiscent of favourite quality dark chocolate, and satisfies the sweet tooth cravings, without the sugar! 

Cacao shells are the outer shells of the cacao bean, which, when brewed as a loose leaf style tea, have a subtle taste reminiscent of dark chocolate.

*99.5% caffeine-free. Cacao shells contain Theobromine, a natural 'feel-good' stimulants. Tastes almost like chocolate - rich, velvety, aromatic.  


Jess, founder of tea in the moment is passionate about offering high quality tea with a side serving of calm. Tea meditation is part of her ethos, alongside reducing food waste and helping the environment. 

100g loose leaf tea, simply put 3 teaspoons into a pot, tea bag or cafetiere for 5-7 minutes and enjoy. It can be drunk black or with a splash of your preferred milk, it is extremely versatile and can be enjoyed hot, cold or even iced.

The clear inner bag is made from a renewable raw material derived from wood pulp. Unlike standard plastic or cellophane, it is completely compostable and biodegradable, and can decompose in 60 days under the right conditions. You can either compost the bag at home or place it in your food waste bin - check your local recycling accepts it and sends it to industrial composting.

The outer box is made from sustainably sourced FSC cardboard.

100% organic cacao shells packed in a compostable liner and recyclable box. 

Gorgeously presented in a postal box made from recycled material. The products are nestled and secured in place with recycled kraft and crinkle paper. The box is closed off with stickers made from recycled paper and printed with vegan ink. The box arrives wrapped in recycled kraft paper and tape which, when unwrapped, has a name tag attached so the recipient will know it’s from you. All our packaging is 100% recyclable.

Each parcel is delivered by courier and aims to reach your recipient within 2-5 working days of ordering. This will end up being dependent on the postage value you select and the capacity of the postal system. All boxes ordered before 5 pm are dispatched the next day. Orders after 5 pm are dispatched the following business day.

Order before Wed 10am for delivery to arrive on a weekend. Courier quotes and specialist services available on request. 

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