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The Cosy Cuppa Gift Box

Our speciality letterbox gift set has been hand-curated just for you. With a bag of speciality, single-origin coffee, zero waste, ethically-sourced and award-winning chocolate, and a pair of luxury upcycled socks, there's everything you need for a perfect afternoon curled up in front of the fire. Or, to get you up and ready to start a wintery day!

These recycled socks are super soft and cosy, made using 50% pre-consumer garment cutting waste which is spun with 33% polyester from recycled plastic bottles. This innovative, high-quality yarn is then plated with a regenerated nylon fiber made from fishing nets, making these a unique gift with an incredible story. 

What's inside

  • Limited-edition pair of upcycled socks
  • A bag of speciality single-origin coffee - 100g
  • A bean-to-bar Gold Award Winning Nicaraguan 55% coffee milk chocolate slab -40g


  • This bag of delicious speciality coffee gives back to local community-level farmers and growers ensuring a fair wage through cooperatives. It's packaged in zero waste omnidegradable bag, making it perfect for composting as it breaks down into natural compounds.
  • The super soft and cosy Socko socks are made using 50% pre-consumer garment cutting waste, which is colour sorted and spun with 33% polyester from recycled plastic bottles. This innovative, high-quality yarn is then plated with a regenerated nylon fiber made from fishing nets. Unique, one of a kind, and limited edition. 
  • Gold winning Coffee milk chocolate is made from bean to bar using ethically sourced single variety Chuno cocoa beans grown in Nicaragua from the region of Bocay, stoneground and carefully blended with ethically sourced coffee beans for the perfect texture, taste and sustainability credentials. Zero Waste Packaging - Recyclable, Glueless, Compostable, Acid Free

Please read the ingredients and allergens listed below for details on each product and do our best to ensure every ingredient is listed. Please check the products to confirm contents before consuming. If there is any doubt at all, do not consume and contact us at

  • Coffee: Fully washed 100% Arabica, medium-light roast beans. The Indonesian beans have a  lactic fermentation
  • Socks: a Cotton-Polyester and ECONYL regenerated nylon - Machine washable at 30°
  • Award-winning chocolate Ingredients: Chuno cocoa beans, organic unrefined cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic milk, coffee beans (Gluten Free) (Cocoa Solids 55% Minimum - Milk Solids 18% Minimum)

All our boxes are designed to be as low waste as possible. We source each item with care, doing our best to research in depth, into each brand and supply chain. We eliminate as much packaging as possible and reuse or upcycle as much as we can. 

  • Kontext Coffee - Kontext Coffee has a remarkable story. The bean can be traced down to the farm or even at the community-level (single origin). Their coffee is of the highest quality (specialty coffee) and offers amazing flavor complexity. They only work with partners who provide a full record of traceability and offer price transparency to ensure a truly fair share of the price goes back to the coffee farmers. These prices far exceed world market prices and prices paid by other certification initiatives. Their packaging is omnidegradable®, meaning it will degrade completely when exposed to the microbes in landfill, soil, or water. It is suitable for home-composting or can be disposed of with regular household waste.
  • J.Cocoa is an independent chocolatier who is committed to high quality products, ethical sourcing and zero waste packaging and production
  • Socko Socks - A brand that focuses on upcycling surplus or pre-consumer waste in the fashion industry and creating beautiful, functional and one-of-a-kind socks. Materials such as t-shirt offcuts, fishing nets and plastic bottles are often used, alongside more traditional fabrics such a merino wool. Socko is a closed-loop brand, who also sell mending kits and darning instructions, alongside their digital darning workshops to encourage wearers to mend and care for their garments for years to come.

Check out the full stories from the brands listed on

    Gorgeously presented in a postal box made from recycled material. The products are nestled and secured in place with recycled kraft and crinkle paper. The box is closed off with stickers made from recycled paper and printed with vegan ink. The box arrives wrapped in recycled kraft paper and tape which, when unwrapped, has a name tag attached so the recipient will know it’s from you. All our packaging is 100% recyclable.

    Each parcel is delivered by courier and aims to reach your recipient within 2-5 working days of ordering. This will end up being dependent on the postage value you select and the capacity of the postal system. All boxes ordered before 5 pm are dispatched the next day. Orders after 5 pm are dispatched the following business day.

    Order before Wed 10am for delivery to arrive on a weekend. Courier quotes and specialist services available on request. 

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