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Nine Gift Ideas Mum Will Love

Posted by Melanie Fisher on
Nine Gift Ideas Mum Will Love

Mother's Day this year somehow feels more important than ever. Whether we're at home with our Mums, haven't seen them in months, or someone close to us has become a new Mum, the opportunity to show them we care is not to be missed. 

We've rounded up 9 of our fave sustainable gift ideas we think Mum will love!

1. Wild Mama Co

Wild Mama is a small, female-owned independent skincare company who specialises in treats for new Mum's. Their solid moisturiser bars are great for skin and bump. With natural ingredients like Cocoa Butter, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Hemp Oil, Beeswax, and essential oils, they are both plastic-free, low waste and good for your skin. At just £9.50 for one bar, which lasts a very long time, it's a little treat that won't go unappreciated.


2. Bao Skincare

We adore Bao Skincare and could hardly choose a product! Founder Beth created her company after she began on a holistic wellness journey after suffering from ulcerative colitis. Bao Skincare is vegan, organic and 99% plastic free. The products are available in glass and recyclable tin, plus she offers refill options so  you can hang onto your jars and pumps - avoiding more waste. The Pregnancy Glow bundle or the uplift face balms would make perfect pick-me-up treats for Mum or Mum-to-be.

3. Toba Brighton

Toba Brighton is a small female-owned business that specialises in using upcycled beads, stones and precious gems to create long-lasting jewellery. The pieces are made-to-order to reduce waste and are all limited-edition, since the beads and gems are found in auctions, vintage or in secondhand shops. We love the March birth stone aquamarine as it is both beautiful, the month of Mother's Day and also inspires courage. Perfect for popping in the post!

4. Lit Candles

Lit Candles ticks every box when it comes to sustainable scents. Reusable, refillable, glass with soy wax and plastic-free biodegradable packaging. The smells are divine and they look luxury whilst being moderately priced. Their Salt Cleanse Candle is just £18 and is refillable and a delightful and unique edition to anyone's candle edition.

5. Little Surprises Company

I know we've mentioned this brand a few times, but we simply love their offering. Simply go to their website and pick a little surprise, check out and your recipient will be sent all the details. We think reflexology or yoga would be a fabulous idea. Why not book a private virtual yoga session for £25 and join in together?

6. Love Cocoa

If you're looking for a sweet treat, why not check out Love Cocoa's vegan collections? Created by James Cadbury, a descendent from the original chocolatier, with a sustainability twist. All the products are packaged to be zero-to-landfill and plant trees in the process. Their collection is regularly updated but we love this vegan library option for just £22.50. Plastic-free, slavery-free, palm oil-free and single-origin, ethical chocolate at it's best.

7. Nummy

Baked treats anyone? If you're not keen on whipping up a treat for Mum yourself, why not order her a box of 6 gorgeous vegan doughnuts? These beautifully presented baked doughnuts are covered in homemade white chocolate chocolate sweetened with maple syrup and naturally coloured with beetroot powder and sprinkled with gorgeous pink dried rose petals. The brand prides itself in being 100% natural and free from refined sugar, flour, palm oil. Packed in fully biodegradable packaging to boot get 6 for £21.

8. Freddie's Flowers

We love Freddies! Flowers can be a huge resource drain for our environment, not to mention all the carbon used up to ship them across the world. Freddies has a good sustainability policy, with a Head Of Sustainability consistently improving their approach. They are Carbon Neutral Certified, deliver their boxes by bike in many places and prioritise UK growers or source from the Netherlands. Use the code STEM412 for a discount and get your first two boxes at half price. Surprise Mum with a lovely bouquet that is in 100% recyclable packaging and comes with instructions to assemble. They last forever too and are always simply gorgeous. 

9. Adbra

Buy a Happiness Habit Jar which is one of Adbra's most popular products. Adbra specialises in creating mindfulness and sustainability challenge jars from home and have gone on to develop positive affirmation and gratitude products all designed to help create positive mental health. Happiness Habit Jars help you form habits for happiness and well-being and in their fun, engaging 30 or 50-day format they're a fun and meaningful way to help the ones we love from afar. Inside each jar is an action or prompt that stems from 6 themes (like sustainability, mindfulness and friendship), allowing you to choose the most relevant. For £12.50 they're a super cute gift idea. 

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