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10 Incredible Female Pioneers You Need To Know

Posted by Melanie Fisher on
10 Incredible Female Pioneers You Need To Know

Celebrating women is something we want to do more of here at ZWG. So, we've created a round up of 10 women we find inspiring both from within our community and from the wider world.

1. Aja Barber

Is a powerful 'writer, stylist and consultant whose work deals with the intersections of sustainability and the fashion landscape'.  Aja has inspired us through making relatable and raw mini blogs on her Instagram that 'builds heavily on ideas behind privilege, wealth inequality, racism, feminism, colonialism and how to fix the fashion industry with all these things in mind'. We also love that she is a dog-lover and doesn't take anyones bull.

2. Chloë Founder of Nibs Etc

Food waste is a chronic and devastating issue for our planet. Food wasted or lost, account for 10% of our global carbon emissions - not an insignificant sum! Chloë started her company Nibs Etc with a view to reduce food waste and educate shoppers on how they can help. Chloë makes delicious sustainable snacks from juice pulp - the colourful, fibrous, moist mass of produce leftover from making fruit and vegetable juices, and turns it into granola and other delicacies. We love her for her passion, big mission and innovative ideas.

3. Banasa & Joti - Founders of Ksoni

The beauty industry is responsible for a significant amount of waste, not to mention at times perpetuating unrealistic ideals around aging and appearance for women. Banasa and Joti bonded over a shared vision to create natural, sustainable and high-quality beauty products which are 100% plastic-free. Not easy for a bathroom item! They've created Ksoni, an innovative brand that has succeeded in challenging the ideals of bathroom materials and the sustainability of packaging by pioneering their own line of recyclable tin shampoos, conditioners and body washes. We love them for their gorgeous products, enthusiasm and for dispelling myths about packaging. 

4. Sophie Dunster - Founder of Gung Ho

Sophie Dunster is a talented designer-maker, environmentalist and activist. She has gone from growing up in a zero carbon home (think solar panels and turbines) to creating her own collection of luxury sustainable fashion. Her clothing is both beautifully designed but the prints themselves have a hidden message. With each collection Sophie aims to highlight the plight of different animals, insects or environmental issues, such as endangered species or climate change. Cool, unusual, education and inspirational.

5. Marta Tarallo - Bottega Zero Waste

Marta is inspiring for so many reasons. She has created a beautiful community of people who wish to learn to live more zero waste, by educating them about how to make their own soap and beauty products. Through her company Bottega Zero Waste, she has an educational platform with short courses and video instruction as well as a beautiful shop full of naked bars, soaps, hair care and much more. She makes a zero waste or minimal life more accessible and encourages individuals to take more responsibility for their own

6. Venetia La Manna 

Venetia La Manna is a force to be reckoned with. She described herself as a recovered fashion addict who went from buying new outfits every week, to pioneering sustainable fashion practice. She is a 'broadcaster, slow fashion campaigner and the co-founder of Remember Who Made Them'. Her podcast Talking Tastebuds, is popular, informative and well-designed, which is no wonder it has reached almost 2 million downloads. She is an outspoken campaigner on the rights of garment workers and inspires thousands of women to shop second hand through her platforms. We love her no BS approach to calling out companies who violate human rights, and have poor ethical and sustainable standards. 

7. May Al Karooni 

May is one of these people who has so my energy, drive and compassion for her cause. She is the founder and CEO of Globechain, a  a multi award winning reuse marketplace that connects enterprises to charities and people to redistribute unneeded items creating social impact data (ESG data) for members. For example if a company moves offices and the furniture is left over or will be destroyed, Globechain creates a value chain where those items are redirected to those who need it. Some of her achievements include, Forbes 100 Top Environmentalists 2020, Top 100 Meaningful Businesses 2020, Sifted - Fintech Startups to follow in 2020, Top 49 Women in Real Estate 2019 and many more. We were delighted to have her attend and speak at our first zero waste Christmas market back in 2018.

8. Juliet Davenport - Good Energy

Did you know that "75% of British people think the UK government should be doing more to support renewables." Good Energy do. Good Energy is a British renewable electricity company that is pushing the agenda forward about a decarbonised economy. CEO Juliet Davenport (OBE) launched Good Energy back in 1999, and at the time was the UK’s first 100% renewable electricity supplier. Juliet believes in purpose and people above profit and they have regular reports they share publicly on their journey to becoming a regenerative company. We think Juliet is a visionary thinker, purpose driven entrepreneur and will be part of the front-line for change in the energy industry moving forward.

9. Affi Parvizi-Wayne - Founder of Freda

Affi is the founder of a feminine care company Freda. After seeing refugees stuck at various border crossings in Europe and having come from a similar background herself, she started to consider the practical ramifications of displacement. Hygiene kits provided by the UN and relief organisations often do not include period products. Being in a vulnerable place, displaced from your home, the last thing you need is to be on your period with no products to help you. The sigma women face around periods and only with the pink tax being recently repealed on personal hygiene products, Affi set her self the mission to change this. Freda is a sustainable period subscription social enterprise that pledges to advocate for universal period care and access to education for all girls. 

10. Solitare Townsend - Co-Founder Futerra

Co-founder of Futerra, a B-corp change agency and sustainability consultancy with global offices, that helps build sustainability strategies and creative communication campaigns for corporations, governments and non-profits. They tell stories and inspire change at the business and consumer level believing in positivity and empowerment over doom and gloom. Soli is orientated and also co-founded two other initiatives, She Is Sustainable and Climate Optimist Movement.

What an epic line up of incredible women committed to making change in their own lives and the lives of others. #girlpower

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