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4 Responsible Waste Behaviours That Are Attractive To New Partners.

Posted by Melanie Fisher on
4 Responsible Waste Behaviours That Are Attractive To New Partners.

We've all been there. 

Date number one is going swimmingly until they admit to something which makes you gag a little. Whatever your personal pet peeve (smoking, talking over you, chewing loudly, or forcing you to do shots at 3 in the afternoon) there's a few qualities which a considerable number of us are aligned on. Read on and 

Yes. If you're a planet-saver, you're more sexy.

According to a survey done by Veolia conducted in the North West...

1. Swoon

We're all looking for someone who has their sh*t together. Someone with morals, who can look after themselves but looks out for others. Well, 60%* of people in the survey said they are more likely to go out with someone again if their date picked up litter that wasn't their own. What would you do on date 1?

2. (Re)Users are encouraged

We all know plastic is bad for the planet. Yet, the UK alone produces 13 billion a year. It's like we can't seem to escape. But thankfully we're wising up to plastic and more and more of us take a reusable bottle. Which, if you're looking for love, is a good thing to take on a date! 38% of people surveyed were more likely to go on a second date with someone if they used a reusable bottle rather than a plastic one. 

But, it also works in reverse.

3. Swipe Left

Picking up litter is pretty hot, dropping it is definitely not. 84% of people in the North West are less likely to go on a second date with someone if they littered in the street. With good reason, 10 million tonnes of litter ends up in our seas and oceans every year where it chokes wildlife and breaks down to minuscule pieces and enters the lower levels of the food chain. By putting something on the floor that shouldn't be there, they're basically asking you to eat it.

4. Respect the system

Recycling is a huge problem. Estimates suggest around 600 million tonnes of products and materials enter the market here in the UK every year. Yet only 115 million gets recycled. This is for many reasons, but one of them is because of contaminated waste streams. In the UK each council has different rules about what goes where and if you end up putting something where it shouldn't be, it can end up with the entire load of recycling getting thrown out. Our systems are at fault here, but we also have some of the blame. Which is why, 61% of people in the survey said they are less likely to see someone after a first date if they purposefully put something into a recycling bin, that can't be recycled.


Finding love is complicated in the 21st Century, but if you are currently engaged in the search, remember that recycling is sexy.

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