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5 Alcohol-Free Drinks You Must Try

Posted by Melanie Fisher on
5 Alcohol-Free Drinks You Must Try

Are you taking part in dry Jan?

Or possibly just drier Jan? We might all be striving towards making ourselves cleaner, better and brighter in 2021, but we also might find ourselves in need of a pick-me-up or calm-me-down at certain points over the coming months. So, we've compiled a list of sustainable alcohol-free brands to support should you wish to reach for a glass of the good stuff, but want to stick to your goals. 

1. Everleaf

Everleaf is a complex and balanced non-alcoholic aperitif made with all the depth, aroma and flavour of the natural world. Created by conservational biologist and bar owner Paul Mathew, there are 3 aperitifs in the Everleaf range all inspired by different biomes of the natural world. Nature is front and centre with Everleaf but so is health, it is both gluten-free and suitable for vegans. Better still, by combining unique plant ingredients in nature they've managed to recreate the viscosity mouthfeel of a normal alcoholic drink. Cheers!


2. Pentire

New kids on the block, Pentire describe themselves as "a celebration of unique plant life that grows on the surrounding headland" with their inspiration coming from the Cornish coast. Botanists, distillers and brewers have all been involved in the creation of the perfect flavour, and Pentire are making great strides in sustainability with their plant-based botanicals which include such things as Citrus, Cornish Sea Salt, Sea Rosemary, Woodruff, Sea Buckthorn, Pink Grapefruit and Wild Seaweed. They use Fair Trade & Organically Certified ingredient and support causes that protect the oceans.

3. Good Karma Beer Co

Good Karma Beer Co is a new brand, but who has been brewing beers since 2016. They started on a mindfulness journey, taking into consideration health of mind, body and planet. Creating a range of 0.5% beers that have no fancy processes or any additives like lactose, but are based on traditional methods. Recyclable cans, an organic certificate on the way and with donations to local charities supporting social and environmental causes mean their intentions are as pure as their drinks. 


4. Three Spirits

A bold vision on sustainable and enticing non-alcoholic drinks, this brand is all about alchemy. This plant-based concoction comes in three flavours depending on the mood or vibe you want to create, all vegan and animal-friendly. Again, using the skills of plant scientists, world-class bartenders, hedonists, herbalists and artists, the blends are unique to themselves and drinkers even claim to feel more relaxed or confident. They use zero-plastic recyclable packaging and claim to prioritise environmentally friendly methods across everything they do. Drinks are produced in the UK using high-quality plants from only reputable producers.


5. Toast Ale x teapigs

We love Toast Ale for their incredible food waste fighting beers! And, like all beers in their range they've brewed a special 0.5% Lemongrass Lager using surplus fresh bread from their bakery partners and certified plastic-free pure lemongrass tea bags from teapigs. This fab brew is zesty and fresh, but not only that it is a limited-edition and part of their new 'Rise Up series' that focuses on celebrating B Corps like teapigs who are working to fix our broken food system.

Let us know which ones you try or if you know any that we've missed!


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